King Room


et yourself fully relax in our luxurious favorable accommodations with lots of facilities and high-level service. We do our best to make you always content, smiling and satisfied.

king is available with a queen size bed. It’s a a private bathroom and terrace. For the luckiest few, fully integrated prestigious appliances, five fixture windowed master baths and private outdoor space.

Dramatic window views with sweeping views of the city, blackout shades, warm hardwood oak floors, unparalleled lifestyle concierge. You can rent the entire apartment or any unit like a studio, multiple-bedroom apartments – any unit you can find on our website. Reach out and a member of our team will help you get started.


Prices start at: د.إ150 per night

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2 thoughts on “King Room

  1. The accommodation was immaculate. It was really quiet, no traffic or environmental noises so I slept really well. The furnishings in the room were lovely, spotlessly clean and maintained. And the bathroom I think was the best bathroom I have ever stayed in. Tasteful and beautifully clean. I liked that there is a no shoes indoors policy.

  2. I liked everything about this place. The breakfast is excellent. This place feels like a home away from home. Safety was never an issue. You can sleep soundly without having to worry about anything.

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